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"Vzgajajmo ustvarjalce, ne le uporabnike tehnologije."
Youth programme MOST

MOST is designed to tackle the problem of shortage of young engineers. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for personnel, especially in technology and engineering companies. Not only is there no personnel, but the developers deal daily with the fact that the personnel is inexperienced or not used to learning new skills on their own. MOST is a youth program based on the involvement of young people in the real challenges of the economy through projects, final assignments and study internships and encourages them to learn practical skills independently.

More about it

The MOST youth program brings together high school and university students from Slovenia. Our mission is to promote peer to peer learning through project teamwork on technology development projects. Young people involved in our program have the opportunity to express their self-initiative and desire to learn. We believe that a large part of educating young engineers is also working on practical problems. These require independence, ingenuity and an iterative approach to work, which is more difficult to understand in formal education. Under the auspices of a group of young but experienced mentors and experts from various fields, we offer a supportive environment and confront young people with challenges that are directly related to the economy and can also benefit them in the academic environment.

We are aware that in addition to the technical and soft skills that young people acquire while working on projects, the competence of entrepreneurship with basic knowledge of the market, understanding of finance and basic marketing is also very important. Therefore, we connect with various associations and institutions that teach students basic knowledge and help them introduce the business aspect in the realization of their project.


If you are interested in participating in projects or want more information, contact us at for high school projects and for student work and projects.

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