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Zavod 404 is an active member of both the local and global Maker and STE(A)M education communities, and is interested in creating and developing innovative learning environments and strategies in the fields of STE(A)M. Specifically, we focus on the "T" (Technology) and "E"  (Engineering) in all levels of education. Our main objective is to support children and young people in their journey to become future engineers while also assisting the industry in their demand for a qualified and skilled workforce.

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ProtoGreen or Young Prototyping Green was a youth exchange hosted by Zavod 404 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

There were 25 young participants from 5 different countries working together on finding practical solutions to reducing and preventing plastic pollution. Each team of 5 people developed a prototype proposal from upcycled waste. Through training and prototyping, participants gained in-depth knowledge and competencies in the use of manufacturing and digital fabrication tools as well as explored the currently implemented plastic waste recycling solutions.

About the project

Project is co-funded by The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Upcycled prototypes:


MOBI is a mobile makerspace primarily focusing on decentralisation by bringing tools, know-how and machines to local communities. Project is mainly focusing on youth, elderly and other vulnerable groups. With different workshops and trainings we want to achieve higher technical literacy, which in return will contribute to a higher level of creativity and innovation in the (local) market.

About the project

Presentation brochure of the "Science Center" program concept proposal (in Slovene).

48 participating experts from different fields of Science, Education, Industry and Art.

Presentation of the project via Ministry Webpage

Concept Design for the national Science Centre

On the basis of the public contract, the subject of which was "Development and concretization of the program, topics and contents of the "Science Center", i.e. the creation of the program concept of the "Science Center" including the conceptual design of the equipment", the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation assigned the preparation of the program concept to the contractor Zavod 404 with subcontractors.

"The coherence of the program concept is achieved through a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to content under the primary message of the “Science Center” program, which states: "Science is all around us, science is for everyone, we are all curious, and science is a process."

Photo: Domen Šverko

About the project

No. of visitors in 3 years: 9.000
No. of Makers in 3 years:

Online discussions organised during the pandemic (in Slovene):

“Balanced consumption diet” (si., Uravnotežena dieta potrošnje)
“With transhumanism away with humanism? (si., S transhumanizmom stran s humanizmom?)
“Should she be an engineer?” (si., Inženirka naj bo?)
“Conspiracy technologies” (si., Tehnologije zarote)

Maker Faire Ljubljana

From 2017 to 2020 Zavod 404 organised (Mini) Maker Faire Ljubljana. Makers from Slovenia and neighbouring countries were showcasing their projects and building up the local maker community. This was the largest Maker event in Slovenia where you would meet with makers, students, inventors, creators, artists, scientists and technology enthusiasts. Its purpose is to open up the research and exploration as well as to encourage curiosity and the free flow of ideas, knowledge and experience.

Photo: Domen Šverko
Photo: Domen Šverko