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"Vzgajajmo ustvarjalce, ne le uporabnike tehnologije."

Programs for primary schools

Throughout the school year, we organize technical days in our workshop, where we try to enthrall groups of primary school students about technology. Through a diverse morning program, they learn about various processes of fabrication, programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and 3D modeling.

Technical days: First contact with technology

Every year, over 2,000 primary school students visit us during technical days, where they learn about programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and modern technologies. We work with the Municipality of Ljubljana which supports this part of the programme.

Ljubljana Maker Faire: The biggest DIY event in Slovenia, where you can meet countless makers, inventors, creators, makers, artists, scientists, and technology enthusiasts.

Every year we organize a fair for creators – Ljubljana Maker Faire. At the largest Maker event in Slovenia which promotes modern technology, innovation, technical culture and education and art in the field of modern technological and scientific processes more than 50 creators, makers, schools, institutes, faculties, and technology enthusiasts present their creations and transfer their knowledge and experience to others.

Programmes for primary school students

You can create with us all year round. On summer holiday weeks, Saturday workshops, year-round programmes or you can start your own project with a mentor.

Year-round programs:

For a number of years now, we have been preparing numerous year-round programs for primary school students in the first, second and third triads. The programs have different themes and difficulties, so there is something interesting for everyone. Soldering, Python programming, Arduino microcontroller programming, modeling activities, workshop machine management and much more.

Meetings where we learn new skills and technologies together through guided activities are held once a week. The activities are often project-oriented, in which we have a multidisciplinary approach. Even though the contents of the programs are pre-prepared, we want to encourage as much independent research and work as possible. Of course, mentors are always available and are happy to be part of the path that leads to new discoveries.

Saturday workshops:

Most of the saturdays of the school year we create with kids mainly from 9 – 12 years old. Each workshop is a story in itself and each week a new content is prepared, new devices are created and we have a lot of fun while doing it!

Summer programs:

During the summer holidays we organize a variety of different activities for elementary school students. They can attend week long programs where they acquire practical skills in electrical engineering, programming, mechanical engineering and design, while also attending different leisure activities such as spending a day at the pool or having a treasure hunt. Each week follows a different theme and ends with an individual project that is related to that. Over the years we have explored space, learned about the hydraulics, tried to find the dragon’s treasure and made our own DIY gaming consoles.

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