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"Vzgajajmo ustvarjalce, ne le uporabnike tehnologije."

Raising creators, not users of technology!

Stepping out of the safe-zone of just using technology, into a new, unknown world of creation is the first step that every individual must take on the long road ahead of him. With initial encouragement and support in a suitable environment, we can turn young people into self-initiative individuals who will independently create and develop their ideas.


Creating a global network of technology centers and communities that will allow our youth to understand technology and follow them throughout the creative process.

At the heart of every innovation lies the effort of people who have successfully ushered their ideas into the real world. Nothing is self-evident, everything can be understood. Surprisingly, in recent years, less and less attention has been paid to technology in education. Even though it is increasingly embedded in our lives, the understanding of technology is limited to dry theoretical constructs, without a real sense of the real world.


Every individual is born full of curiosity and as a society, we must ensure that this fundamental spark is not lost. Zavod 404 is a Slovenian technological research center, established to provide young people with technical skills and inspiring them to do research, science, and entrepreneurship. We want to create a global network of centers that will enable young people around the world to understand the technology around them – change, upgrade, develop, and create something new. We are building a community where new and unique ideas will be appreciated, where real talents can be developed and where a better tomorrow will be built together.


Positive changes in school systems are achieved by highlighting examples of good practice, through examples of teachers and students. In this way, we strengthen the personal competencies of individuals and enable them to continue their creation. We accept them into a well-coordinated mentoring team that is professionally trained and understands that the educational process still takes place through example, personal contact, and understanding. The knowledge we impart is not an end in itself but encourages students to develop critical thinking and become full members of society through it.


The creative process is not just a path from idea to product, with all the iterative intermediate stages. It is a holistic process of individual growth. With its entire support network, Zavod 404 encourages users to face ever newer and more demanding challenges. Effort and personal growth are inextricably linked. Values ​​such as courage, determination, trust, and the ability to cooperate are the values ​​by which we recognize our creators.

Let’s go create!

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